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Health and new friends...

Not much change in my health ...although yesterday was a little easier ....I will see the doctor on Tuesday, and discuss long term strategies ...I have accepted that CFS is part of my life and I need to shape my life to accomodate it ...I mean permanent changes, not just stop-gap measures.

I've been quite remiss in saying hello to some new friends .....I found them with the similar interests thingy ....can't even remember all of them, but they will know who they are. I'm not very good at the niceties at present, sorry!

But reading merouda's journal last night reminded me that this journal has turned out to be something quite different to what I intended. It is very social which is great, but it is easy to let that distract from the real purpose.

I did intend it to be a place to expose my thoughts and feelings to scrutiny, my own mostly, but other feedback could be useful too. I have done a bit of that, but I really need to do more....except it requires energy I haven't got....catch 22...because I think getting some of this stuff out of my head will help me feel stronger.

I also have a burning desire/need to start writing my autobiography, not with publication in mind, but for my own understanding. It would probably include some partial boigraphies of those closest to me, especially the ones who have since died.

It seems a mammoth task, but might be self-generating and empowering. So I trying to find a tiny piece of the topic that I can cut my teeth on, but that's like removing one Genga block, I'm anxious that everything else will collapse around it.

Why is nothing ever simple in my life....OK another acceptance issue...MY LIFE IS NOT SIMPLE AND WILL NEVER BE!!!!

Well, enough for now if you've made it this far....I need to go shopping for food and other bits and bobs.

Till next time...hope it's soon.

Have a good Sunday,
Love Maureen, :-)
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