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A glimpse of normal life...

Thanks to tephramancy, who helped me move some stuff, I've been able to eat my meals at the dining table. It has been out of action for months with stuff piled on it...and Lawrence and I have been eating on tray tables in front of the TV .....but I'm so clumsy I keep knocking things over eating at a solid table is bliss .....and I have a view of the garden from where I sit at the table ....I feels so good.

Amazing how small things make such a difference,

I was supposed to be at a conference in London today, but there was no way I was well enough to go. My supervisor phoned early this morning and I told him I wasn't coming, so at least he's not waiting for me to turn up.

I think I'll try using a walking stick today and see if that helps, I'm quite unsteady, very slow and every movement is painful. I've been suffering from CFS for over 7 years now, I need to make some permanent changes to my life which make it easier to cope. I have to accept that I have got this problem and I can't run away from it any more....or live in hope that it will go away tomorrow.

Some hard thinking has been done, but I feel better for it, free-er somehow.
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