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What was I doing all those years ago

Nicked from tephramancy, but I've seen several people do it.

20 years ago

1. I was a mostly full-time mum, working in catering occasionally on the weekends.
2. I was preparing for my first trip outside Australia, to the UK to meet my in-laws for the first time.
3. My husband, Ted was diagnosed with cancer and won a rather large compensation claim for work related injuries.

15 years ago

1. I was living in temporary accomodation in Cheltenham, UK, after a fire at our house.
2. The cancer had won, Ted had died and I was struggling to raise my children alone.
3. I was ill with glandular fever, very ill... that may have been the start of the CFS.

10 years ago

1. I was living in central Oxford, on our own again after a disastrous house share.
2. I went back to school to get my chemistry degree.
3. I'd had spinal surgery, and the CFS was making things difficult.

5 years ago

1. I was working as a technician at a local school.
2. I became a grandmother to the wonderful Jude, and got my first ever new car.
3. My nest was empty, briefly... and the CFS was in remission.

3 years ago

1. I became an orphan.
2. After coming out of a nasty CFS episode, I left my job and started a PhD.
3. My daughter and grandson moved away, and my son came to live with me.

2 years ago

1. I was financially bouyant thanks to my mother's legacy.
2. The CFS was back with avengeance.
3. I started having pschotherapy every Monday at 8am.

1 year ago

1. Still bad with CFS, still having therapy.
2. Beading is fun, and I started really exploring my creativity.
3. No money left from the inheritance, but I'm now getting the benefits I'm entitled to.

so far this year

1. I have met a man I really like, it's progressing slowly.
2. I attempted to resurrect my mother's wedding dress for my daughter's wedding.
3. I've reconnected with my first online friend.


1. my greatest achievement of the day was changing the water filter.
2. I slept in the day and not in the night.
3. I missed Dr. Phil.


1. Caught up on Dr Phil
2. I have group therapy tonight, and I'll get to see my 'friend'.
3. We are having lamb chops for dinner.

tomorrow and beyond

1. I hope to be able to do something enjoyable
2. I'd love to visit some of my far-flung LJ buddies
3. It will be wonderful to see my daughter married.
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