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Salute to Women

Thanks to divinemissa for mentioning National Womans Month

I made this comment to her post, but thought it was important enough to be part of my journal.

I'd like to think I might feature in a similar salute by one of my descendants, some time in the future...I don't know much about my died before I was born and she was notable for the handling her troubles badly and becoming bitter (not worth saluting)....the other one, my dad's mother was very courageous....she was widowed at 38 with seven children, aged 2-14, and a house that could only be reached by boat.

Unfortunately, when the last child left home she fell apart and died aged 72. I was 7 then.

As for my mother, well not a lot I can salute....I have real BIG issues with my mother, who died last April
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