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I'm home

That was a bigger adventure than I expected. First it started to rain quite heavily as soon as I left home, but armed with an umbrella I didn't allow that to put me off. When I got to town, the street I wanted to park in was in chaos... all the ordinary parking spaces were blocked off, and all the disabled ones were occupied. After driving around town visiting other potential parking places, which were all full, I went back to the preferred one and waited for a space top become available. Just as I was ready to get out of the car the rain started again... so with umbrella and walking stick I set off. Luckily the rain stopped, so lunch at KFC, which was adequate but somehow failed to thrill. Then to get Jude's gifts, which I managed to do reasonably well with. There always seems to be a scientific slant to the things I buy for him... strange that!! I see it as my role to encourage his scientific/inquisitive side.

Back to the car without having purchased cards and paper, but my energy resources were well depleted by then. So a quick phone call to Lawrence to arrange a way to get the wrappings etc., and I was ready to come home. Safe in my car, I didn't mind that the heavens opened and the thunder rolled.

I discovered that the chaos, was due to filming of the next Harry Potter film in New College... Such is life in Oxford!!
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