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The Tale of the Mysterious Kippers

This week both squibbet and myself received a pair of kippers in the post apparently from each other. We were both perplexed... there were some clues though.

Clue 1. They were posted in Whitby, now both our daughters, namely tephramancy and voofy had spent the weekend there attending the Whitby Goth Weekend. For the uninitiated this weekend consists of a small northern seaside town being overrun by goths, who proceed to ingest as much intoxicating substances as possible, while causing mayhem having fun.

Clue 2. the version of my address on the package was not the one that Marion would have known... only my daughter would use that version.

But this time it was starting to smell fishy... Ha Ha! Kippers... fishy... Da dum! Then the whole thing was explained. Seems two inebriated sleep deprived friends discovered that there was a shop in Whitby that would post kippers to any place in the UK. So they decided they just had to post some to someone... but who? How about our mother's... hey and to make it more fun, let's post them to each of them from the other.

You've heard the saying "Small things amuse small minds". Well I do believe they were amused, and apparently spent quite some time finding the shop and doing the business. Not surprising bearing in mind the state they were probably in.

Now what to do with a pair of kippers... Hmmm!! I could eat them, but is there something entirely more creative that one can do with a pair of kippers? They are exceedingly good kippers, so mine just might get eaten.
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