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Strange animals

I've been working with larger beads than usual this week, so I was using a fine tapestry needle. It was the last one that size I had. Now, mostly I can leave my beading tray on the table unattended and the cats aren't bothered... I usually secure any open pots of beads, so they don't get upset. But the last couple of days Lisa has been found sleeping on the bead tray, and yesterday I came back to it to find my thread chewed through and the needle missing.

Did he eat it? Surely not!... but after having searched as well as I could, I gave up and used the next smallest tapestry needle I had. This was not perfect but I did manage to finish the piece.

Today we had to repair the rabbit hutch, she had chewed through the rope that opens and closes the door from the hutch to the run. While Lawrence was working on it, guess what he found in the grass... you got it... one tapestry needle threaded with beading thread.

For the purpose of repairing the hutch, the rabbit needed to be elsewhere, so I was going to bring her inside, but it was so nice just holding her... she loves cuddles... that I decided to just sit with her for that short time. This caused major consternation with the cats... and Snowball jumped up on my knee too... Not only did she have competition for my affection, but it wasn't even a cat. Strange though the rabbit didn't mind her being there at all... mind you, she is as big as the cats.

I do have strange animals.... but they are very trusting with me.
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