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Unexpected meeting

The workshop I went to today, was held in a community centre attached to the indoor swimming pool... as I was leaving there, I met two of my favourite tutors from my undergraduate days in the 90s, on their way into the swimming pool. They both seemed pleased to see me and said they had been wondering how I was doing, one of them actually said he'd been thinking about writing to me.... Oh, I wish he would I've always had a crush on him.... trouble is I don't think the feeling is mutual. Of course, I didn't look anywhere near attractive.... isn't it always the way it happens.

I also had the unpleasant job of telling them that I wasn't doing so well.... I hate that part of being ill.,.. but then I'd been working on that very issue at the workshop.... about not hiding behind a constructed image. There was no way I could have hidden it, I was struggling to my car leaning heavily on my walking stick, after the exertions of the day.
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