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Oh well!!

Christmas has finally ended here..... Avalon and Jude went home a few hours ago, all the decorations are back in storage, and all that's left are a few lingering food treats. I went to bed when they left and slept like a log for 2 hours.... I expect there will be much resting for the next few days to enable me to recover from the overactivity of the last 3 weeks.

I'm actually looking forward to some time alone, which is very unusual for me.... that shows the progress I have made with my therapy.... I have been afraid of it. One of the things that helped was sending christmas cards, for the first time in years, and that has established contact with some old friends/relatives.... so now when I'm alone, I know I can connect with the outside world in a more effective way, thus dispelling the feelings of isolation.

Another positive thing was the partial decluttering of my hobby room.... it should provide me with a bolt-hole when I have guests, which should make that easier.... and hopefully encourage me to entertain more. Add to that the fact that I managed to go out on my own while I was at Avalon's, even on public transport one day.... and my confidence is feeling much more healthy. Even the fact that I have survived 3 weeks with Avalon and more importantly Jude around is note-worthy.

Let's hope I can continue to find ways to improve my life within my health limitations.... but the agenda now is to rest when my body requires it and to re-establish some sort of routine in my life and eating.
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