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Spending spree!!!

Well we're back from the shops, and I failed to spend any money.......except getting some groceries, a new wok and a new grill pan. This money is proving harder to spend than I thought. First, I keep freaking out the credit card companies, they aren't used to me spending money, so they keep thinking my card has been stolen.

Today the card was being used to buy some stuff for Lawrence, which he will pay me for. He did well, a new hi-fi system and a new computer. He can't move in his room for boxes....says don't be surprised to find him sleeping on the sofa tonight. I didn't like the hi-fi shop we went to, and we ran out of time so we couldn't go to the sewing machine shop. I might try and buy it online, likewise with the hi-fi. That way I don't have to face salesmen who try to feed me a load of bullshit, and get all nervous when I demonstrate that I'm not a stupid woman, and I do know what I want.

I do enjoy sparring with foolish salesmen.....I have a real reputation for it......I just wasn't in the mood head was muzzy.

So no new toys for me....BooHooo!

Buying the computer was fun....we got it at our local Tesco superstore (for those across the pond just a regular supermarket that also sells computers) I bought mine there 2 years bullshitting salesmen.....and all those loyalty points....and the biggest supermarket bill ever.....on top of that they are giving "computers for schools vouchers"...1 voucher for each £10....we got 85....some school will be very happy to receive them.....should have seen the looks we were getting fromthe other was such fun.......then trying to get the computer.......which came in one huge box...into the car which was already full of hi-fi's all home safely....after much pushing and shoving.
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