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I am woman hear me whinge!!!!

I went out to lunch today with my former colleagues.... it seemed like I was invited as an afterthought, but I let that pass and got all excited about the outing, and went even though I felt dreadful. Well it was raining and there are no convenient disabled car spaces near the restaurant so I took the bus. Half way to the bus stop I realised I needed something to keep the rain off my head, I had a raincoat on, and as I can't manage an umbrella as well as a stick, I'd just ignored that fact...... D'oh, but I could have worn a hat.

The meal was OK, but nothing to write home about, and I was seated among people who I'd never worked with, so I spent most of the time listerning to converstaions either side of me that rarely allowed for any participation on my part. The restaurant was crowded, noisy, slow, and even though I put my stick well out of the walkway, every time someone went past they managed to knock it. The people I could have conversed easily with were on another table behind me, and I only got to speak to them briefly at the end. Then when it was time to go home, Lawrence had been expecting to be free to come and pick me up, but had been called away..... so I had to come home on the bus..... I wish I hadn't bothered now.

Also, I am so exhausted now, that I will have to cancel the outing I had planned tonight, which sounded very promising.
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