Mojo (bobbylevi) wrote,

Triffids (cross posted to Livejardin)

I have a cheese plant that I bought as an orphan (marked down at a garden centre).... and it has been aiming for the ceiling for ages.... well today it made it the new leaf is touching the ceiling. Trouble is most of the growth is at the top, with some new growth at the base. It had become so tall and top-heavy that it is supported by the adjoining shelf-unit, to which it is tied with string. I have been planning to decapitate it, and grow the top part as a separate plant, this will release the necessary hormones for the new growth at the base to thrive. However it's a two-man job at least, and we are still trying to find space for the new plant it will create.

Note to self: Must prioritise sorting it out!!
Tags: gardening
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