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Website list from the sewing show

As promised here is the list under the cut, unfortunately they are mostly UK baised, but there are some links and info for my US and elsewhere friends. - these are the people I bought my bead supplies from - crochet and tatting threads and supplies - art and craft holidays in middle England - wonderful woollen fabrics - silks of every type, including silk sewing thread. - another bead supplier - space-dyed threads and fabrics - fantastic textured quilts and stuff - knitting info - very good range of embroidery resources - fabrics, lace, threads, beads and jewellry findings. - they organised the show and do others elsewhere and at other times. - this will explain bobbin and needle lace to those that are interested. - links to lace socities and events - tatting organisation

I think that's enough for you all to be going on with... this is just a small selection of what was on show, selected according to my current particular interests.
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