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More about the sewing show

As well as the things I purchased, I had several nice chats with craftspeople, and some random old biddy who sat at my table while I was having my lunch. There were two ladies from the Lace Guild, who I shared some reminiscences about lacemaking with and who encouraged me to start lacemaking again. Then there was the man selling the silk, and the tatting guy, then a very useful chat about beading with the ladies, that I bought the beading supplies from, and a passing chat with the people we bought our pattern drafting software from... Last of all there was the lady with the fabric covered boxes, who instantly spotted me as a person with a considerable fabric stash.... oh! and there were the ladies promoting knitting, and showing people how to cast on by the thumb method.... I think that's all.

I also gathered lots of information on suppliers, both online and mail order... I will post a list of the websites that I think might be useful.
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