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I've moved

This happened a week or so ago.... I've waited to see how I like the new situation before saying anything. I used to watch TV on my PC, and decided I needed to separate the two functions, so that I would sit and watch the TV... and not jump in and do something on the computer. I also wasn't happy about my position at the computer... so when my daughter bought a new TV, I inherited the old one... to that I added a new computer desk... and got my resident technician motivated, and voila... I've moved.

The good points about the new situation:-

I sit better, the new desk is one where the monitor tilts back away from you, so I'm looking down at it, rather than up.

I have a better outlook, with my back to the corner, I'm looking out into the room and my garden.

I am closer to the kitchen (cups of tea) and the bar (hic!)

The TV doesn't get interrupted by programmed computer functions.

The bad points are:-

The phone has not moved so I don't have my diary in front of me when I'm on the phone... This will be fixed at some point.

I can't see what's going on in the street, without getting up.


All in all I like the new situation, just got to fine tune it, but I'm happy to take that slowly. Hopefully I'll get my webcam out of the box and set it up... don't hold your breath... and I can show you all. :-)
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