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Interesting evening

Tonight I went to a lecture, entitled 'Science, Evolution and the Spiritual Dimension'. The speaker is a biologist, who has also had some experience of the spiritual dimension. He is the founder of a local bookshop, which specialises in esoteric and spiritual topics. I was there last Saturday, and bought some more hippie music, and of course, a couple of books. However, back to the lecture, the hosting group seems quite friendly, the venue is comfortable and easily accessible, so I will be going to more of their events. I enjoyed the topic, and surprising to me, even had some insight beyond the topic.

Three things came to mind tonight, they were:-

First - As Humans, we are such inexperienced newcomers to our world... and we have the arrogance to believe that we can understand it, by just examining this tiny slice of world that we have experienced.

Second - Why do all the experts see nature and humanity as discrete and separate... Surely we are part of this universe and the environment... but all they want to talk about is our impact on nature, like we were alien to it.... in the same way that they talk about introduced species having an impact on the native environment. To my mind we are just one of the species that populate this world, and are affected by it.

Third - For absolutely months I have hated the way I look, yet had no will or motivation to do anything about it. Because tonight's event was a new group for me, I felt able to make some effort. What I found was that very little effort made me feel happy with my appearance, and I'm sure it had a knock-on effect on my confidence
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