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Too much

I thought I could manage some washing up... but a few minutes in and I've had to stop... I will have a rest and go back and do a bit more, hopefully before the water cools down too much. I haven't done any since Lawrence went away on Thursday, and I still have enough stuff for tonight... just I didn't want to leave ti all for him when he comes home. Can't be nice being greeted with 4 days washing up, after working hard for those 4 days. I've given up hope of doing it all... I'll just try to get some of it done.

Otherwise not a terribly productive day... I've eaten, had a shower and fed animals. Maybe now that it's cooling down I might start one of the things I had hoped to do... but I suspect sleepy time will creep up on me. Also I haven't had dinner yet, so that's a priority.
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